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thy sorrowes, and cheere vp thy selfe. Put on no morning weeds, and make no long moan, for too much lamentation & sorrow is not allowed in this house, when as also the heauens haue reserued for thee some better hap, then that which thou had’st of late. And since there is no remedie for that which is lately done, it belongeth to thy wisedom to forget what is past, and to my skill & power, to giue order to things present. Heere is thy old louer Syrenus, whose hart by my operations, and by the reason that bindes him to it, is become so tender, gentle, and chaunged from his former hardnes, that now for his great contentment, it onely behooueth him to conclude a marriage with thee. That which I request of thee is, that thou wilt obay my will in a thing which so greatly concerneth thy happie and ioyfull life: The which, although it may seeme to offer some iniurie to thy husband that is dead to marrie so soone againe; yet being a thing practised by my decree and autoritie, can∣not any waies be deemed ill. And thou Syrenus since thou hast begun to giue place in thy hart to honest and vertuous Loue, make now an ende to yeelde vp thy thoughts and deeds to it: and let this merie and happie mariage be put in effect, to the fulfilling of which, all the fauourable stars are inclined. The rest of you, which in this delightfull garden enioy your happie content, reioice in your minds; make merie pastimes; play vpon your tuned instruments; sing sweete Ditties, and exercise your selues in delightfull sports and conuersation, in honour and memory of these ioyfull meetings, and happie marriages. Sage Felicia had no sooner ended her speech, but all of them were verie willing to do as she commanded them, liking well of her motion, and maruelling at her singular wisedome. Montanus tooke his wife Ismenia by the hand, thinking themselues thrise happie and fortunate; and be∣tweene Marcelius and Alcida, Syrenus and Diana, at that instant a holy and virtuous marriage was solemnly celebrated with great loue, firmnes, and sumptuous accusto∣med ceremonies.
All the rest exceeding glad for these happie accidents, sung and reioiced with maruellous applause. Amongst the which, Arsileus for the great good will that he bare to Syrenus, and for the friendship betweene them both, at the sound of his Rebecke, sung this Caroll in memorie and ioy of the new marriage betweene Syrenus and Diana.

LEt now each meade with flowers be depainted,
Of sundrie colours sweetest odours glowing:
Roses yeeld foorth your smels, so finely tainted,
Calme windes, the greene leaues mooue with gentle blowing:
The christall riuers flowing
With waters be increased:
And since each one from sorrowes now hath ceased,
(From mournefull plaints and sadnes)
Ring forth faire Nymphes, your ioyfull songs for gladnes.
Let springs and meades all kinde of sorrow banish,
And mournefull harts the teares that they are bleeding:
Let gloomie cloudes with shining morning vanish,
Let euery bird reiòice, that now is breeding:
And since by new proceeding,
With marriage now obtained,


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