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not trouble Diana, who giuing an earnest eare to the voice of her beloued husband heard him sing this song following.

LOuers, with pride enioy your full content,
To see your selues in fauour and in grace,
For I doe ioy to see my torments spent,
And ioy to see them in obliuions place:
I ioy to see my captiue hart so free,
I ioy to see my selfe in libertie.
For after suffring worldes of endlesse thrall,
The fauours of a proud and scornefull dame
So lately come, and seldome doe befall,
That euen the best, and greatest of the same
Is, not to neede them, nor to be possest
Of trifling toies a fond and fained iest.
Now laugh mine eies, and thanke Dianas vaine,
Thanke her that brought you to this happy turne,
Her crue ltie and hate your life did gaine,
By her disdaine, by her vnseemely scorne
Your libertie, in bondage led away,
You haue redeem’d, thrise happy be that day.
For if by suffring torments for her sake,
Ten thousand times more beautifull she weare,
And deerest loue to me if she did make,
Yet such content, as now in hating her,
I should not haue: And this doth ioy my hart,
That my disdaine doth beare so great a part.
O soueraine God! that once I might but knowe
Greefe without hope to sease vpon thy soule,
And that the God of loue would wound thee so,
And so thy scornefull hart with paines controule,
That fully vnreueng’d I might not be,
For that great wrong which thou hast done to me.
For then I would (and lesse it were not meete)
Be to thy greefe so cruell and so fierce,
That if with teares, and lying at my feete,
Thou didst thy paines and torments all rehearse,
And at my handes thy life if thou didst craue,
Answere I would, Thy life I would not saue.
God graunt thou maist for euer seeke me out,
And (Shepherdesse) that I my selfe may hide:


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