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A liuely spirit, and a quicke conceate,
A sweete consort, poeticall and fine,
That sauage beastesto mildnesse doth enure?
Of Philip Catalan behold the great
Wisedome and wit, who therefore hath no meane
A portionin the fountaine Hyppocrene.
Heere shall you see a high and loftie wit,
Who shall bring honour to our pleasant fieldes,
Endowed with a braue and noble spright,
Cunning in all things that good letters yeeldes,
The learned Pellicer, whose braine shall fit
For poemes, making them his chiefe delight:
In which his skill and met hode shall be great,
His iudgement deepe, a sweete and quicke conceate.
Behold the man whose noble brest containes
Knowledge most rare, and learning generall,
Orpheus seemes with him to be combinde,
Apollos fauours on his head doe fall:
Minerua giues him wit in plentious vaines,
And Mars a noble hart and valiant minde:
I meane Romani, comming now addressed
With all the best, that learning hath professed.
Two sunnes within my bankes shall now arise,
Shining as bright as Titan in his sphere,
And many spring tides in one yeere shall bee,
Decking my bankes and meadowes euery where:
The hurtfull snowe, nor hard vntempered ice
Shall hide my plaines, nor couer any tree
When ecchoes in my woods or greenes reherse
Vadilles and Pinedas sweetest verse.
The meetres of Artiede, and Clement, so
Famous shall be in their yoong tender yeeres,
That any thinking to excell the same,
But base to them and humble shall appeere:
And both amongst the wisest sort shall showe
Quicke and reposed wits with endlesse name.
And after giue vs from their tender flowers
Fruits of more woorth amongst more learned powers.
The fount, that makes Parnassus of such prize,
Shall be Iohn Perez of such woorthy fame,
That from swift Tana vnto Ganges source,
He shall dilate his admirable name:
To stay the hastie windes he shall suffice,


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