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That now begins my sweete content of hart,
To see his valour, and his great desart.
But now I feare me that I cannot praise
Don Luys Milan, euen as I doe desire,
Who shall in musicke to such skill attaine,
That to Orpheus wreathe he shall aspire:
His vaine shall be so stately in his daies
In heroicke verse, that I beleeue in vaine
That they will name before this Adamant
Cyno Pystoya, and Guido Caualcante.
Thou that shalt get so great a part, and taste
Of Pegasus fount, that mighty deaw and sweete,
And whom the dwellers of Parnassus hill
Shall with a standard of braue poesie greete:
(Noble Falcon) heere words I will not waste
In praising thee, for fame shall that fulfill:
And shall be carefull that thy learned name
In all the world with praise she will proclame,
Praising alwaies the famous Emperour
Charles the great King, Fame makes the world to knowe him;
And though aboue the stars she doth commend him,
Little it is to that that she doth owe him,
You shall behold him to excell so fur,
With fauour that the Muses all will lend him,
His surname shall the worlde so much delight,
That Hesiodes name shall be forgotten quite.
He that declares the stately Romane lawes,
He that a fine and daintie verse compoundes,
He that the wise Lycurgus doth excell,
And all the Poets of Verona groundes,
Comes next in place, whose golden chariot drawes
Fame with her trumpe, his praises to foretell:
And this is Oliuer, whose memorie
Controules the old and newest historie.
Knowing faire Nymphes, your good daies to begin
Make thousand outward signes of inward ioy,
For now (me thinkes) I doe behold euen then
Two famous men who shall their mindes imploy,
The one to war, the other still to win
Saluation for the soules of sinfull men.
Ciurana and Ardenol, who shall raise
Their highest verse to heauen with endlesse praise.
What? Will you see a iudgement sharpe and sure,
A generall skill, a graue and setled minde,


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