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Being in his time a Poet rare and braue.
His verse shall hold king Aeolus in his place,
And stay my streames from running at their will,
Hearing the sweetest sound and harmonie,
Of all his verses gracious, graue, and hie.
The heauens will not, nor reason will consent,
That I should speake with humble stile and plaine
Of that choise squadron, and without compare,
Aboue mans reach an office to obtaine:
Ferran, Sans, Valdellos, and excellent
Cordero, and Blasqo a wit most rare,
Gaçet, more shining lights then faire Aurore,
Of whom my spirits now shall sing no more.
When of so great a Master I doe thinke,
As excellent Borja of Montese,
Who shewes his valour, as his wits diuine,
As well in verse, as any high emprese:
Me thinkes, my fieldes, my riuers, and their brinks
Shall with more hap and greater glorie shine,
Then Tybur hath, though he within her wombe
Was borne, that built the stately towne of Rome.
And thee who of same father, place, and name,
And of the selfe same highest linage bred,
Most excellent Don Ioan, whose surname shall
In Pindus, and Parnase be honoured.
For euerie one to reare his verse shall frame
With pen aboue the globe celestiall.
The Muses that doe dwell in Helicone,
Make for thee there a crowne and stately throne.
The Romane people with their heroes
Was not so proud, when they did all despise,
As my most fertill soile, and I shall be
When that great Aguilon shall once arise,
Whom both in war, in counsell, and in peace,
In verse, and valour, his dexteritie
Shall to the highest top of honour reare,
Where Marius yet, and Fabius neuer were.
Now Seraphin Centellas I doe see,
Who lifting vp his high and loftie song,
And militarie art vnto the skie,
Builds for his verse a fort most sure and strong.
And shewes himselfe so braue a man to be
In courage, skill, and true nobilitie,


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