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Well knowne for armes, and many martiall feates,
The Roman Cesar, and Valencian Duke:
A minde that mounts aboue the hautie skies,
Whom yet a cruell fate with murder threates,
That that rare strength, braue hart, and noble breath
Must haue an end by rawe and bloodie death.
The same likewise must in a moment end
The glory of Don Hugo de Moncades,
With valour, good successe and happy praise,
Leauing the Moores subdued by Spanish blades:
For Charles his blood most willing he shall spend,
After the winning of a thousand daies,
And fight he shall with strong and conquering hand
Against the French and barbarous Affrican.
But ill it doth be fit to talke of those,
Whom furious Mars doth kindle with his heate,
When learned lampes doe grauely come in place:
For heere they shall arise, and shine in great
And glorious blaze, as far as Europe goes:
The darkest corners shall their lights imbrace.
Viues shall liue as long as Daphnes louer
Aboue the world with golden wings doth houer.
Whose highest skill and learning shall inherit
Iohn Honorate, and clime to honours hill,
Teaching the mightie Emp’rour of our land:
The Muses with great woonder he shall fill,
Whom now (me thinkes) I see with greatest merit
Bearing a Bishops Crosier in his hand:
O that such famous Shepherds, all my sheepe
And lambes might feede, and plaines and pastures keepe.
About that time Nunnez with praise shall flourish,
Who for deepe learning in his tender yeeres,
Shall be compar’d vnto the Stagarite:
Demosthenes giues place where he appeeres
And doth declame, whose eloquence doth nourish
His owne and strangers: But O vile despite,
And most ingratefull place, whom thou shalt make
For Ebrus banks, thy countrie to forsake.
But who shall tell you of that musicall,
Which many a Poet straining foorth his voice
Along my bankes so sweetely shall resound?
Heere doe I see how all of them reioice,
With fauours that Apollo giues them all,


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