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she would be more sure of it, stealing on neerer vnto them betweene certaine bushes, she was harkening to them, to see if she knew them, and she perceiued that they were the very same, and that they had in their companie a faire yoong gentle∣woman, and a gallant and woorthie gentleman, both which (although they seemed to be somewhat troubled in minde, and wearied by much trauell) shewed neuerthe∣lesse in their gesture and disposition notable tokens of valour and vertue. After she had viewed who they were, she went backe againe bicause she woulde not be seene. And now was Marcelius and Ismenia come, and all three togither began to sit them downe behinde certaine Hasels, where they might not bee seene, but where they might distinctly heare the Shepherds songs, whose voices resounding ouer all the forrest, made a singular sweete melodie, as you shall heare in the Booke that follo∣weth.

The end of the second Booke.

The third Booke of Enamoured DIANA.

THe treacherie and malice of an iniurious and enuying step∣dame is commonly woont to enterprise so detestable acts, that it would discourage the stoutest hart, not onely to doe them, but make it tremble to thinke of them. And that which is worst, is, that Fortune is so great a friend in changing good and pros∣perous estates, that she sheweth them all the fauour she may in their vniust attempts: for she knoweth that most of them ende∣uour to stirre vp strange nouelties, and mutinies, and to be the occasion and meanes of much sorrow and trouble. The crueltie of Felisarda was great, when by her vile and suttle slightes she made the father so mortally abhorre his owne sonne, and a husband to forsake his louing wife; the one deceiued by an •pparant shewe of loue and dutie misconstrued; the other by a false report, and with a vaine and simple suspect stinged: but yet her happe was the better, that brought her malicious and wicked purpose to that effect, that she herselfe desired. And I speake not this, to make men thinke the woorse of all such kinde of women, but bicause euerie one may liue aduisedly by taking good heed of such as Felisarda was, which are but fewe (I hope) since so many of that noble sexe are the glorie of the worlde, and the lanterns of life, whose sinceritie, faith, discretion, and vertues with golden verses deserue to be eternized. For proofe whereof, Diana and Ismenia may giue sufficient testimonie, Shepherdesses adorned with singular beautie, chastitie, and wisedome, whose histo∣ries do blazon foorth their infinite and woorthie praises. In following the discourse whereof, you must vnderstand, that when Marcelius and they were sitting behinde the Hasels, they heard that Taurisus and Berardus did sing as followeth.

THe coole fresh winde, Taurisus, that inuiting vs
Amongst the trees, the leaues is gently shaking,
Our sences ioying, and with ease delighting vs:
The Cotes, and Sicamours sweete shadowes making:
The Cristall fountaines, that in cop•ous swelling


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