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A vaile of Lawne vpon her golden haire
With siluer pins enfolded euery where,
A thousand sportes and pastimes did I see
How she found out, his minde to recreate:
And as I lurk’d behinde a Poplar tree,
How louingly she dallied with her mate:
Whom I did see reach foorth his hand
Vnto her necke as white as swan,
Wherewith he did vndoe her vaile and loose her shining haire,
Which sight did kill my hart with feare enwrapped in despaire.

The Shepherds after they made an end of singing, began to gather their flockes togither, that went feeding vp and downe the woode. And comming towardes the place where Marcelius and Diana were, they could not otherwise chuse but see them, for they had no handsome shift to hide themselues, although they woulde faine haue stept aside. At which ioyfull and vnexpected sight, they receiued no meane content & gladnes. And though Berardus was somwhat altered and appalled there∣at, yet inflamed Taurisus to see the cause of his griefe before his eies, kindled more and more his hot desire. They curteoufly saluted the Shepherds, and requested them not to denie them their companie to the village, since good fortune had made them all so happely meete togither. Diana, whose custome was neuer to be coy nor dis∣curteous, was well content to do it. So that Taurisus and Berardus praied the other Shepherds that were with them, to come after by little and little with their flockes, that they had now gathered vp togither, towards the village, whilest they in com∣panie of Diana and the other Shepherds went on before; which they willingly per∣formed. Taurisus by the way as he went, praied Diana to answere verse for verse to the song that he would sing, which she denied him not to doe, and so they sung as followeth.

Taurisus . THe cause why that thou dost denie
To looke on me, sweete foe impart?
Diana . Bicause that doth not please the eie,
Which doth offend and greeue the hart.
Taurisus . What woman is, or euer was,
That when she looketh, could be mou’d?
Diana . She that resolues her life to passe,
Neither to loue nor to be lou’d.
Taurisus . There is no hart so fierce nor hard,
That can so much torment a soule.
Diana . Nor Shepherd of so small regard,
That reason will so much controule.
Taurisus . How falsit out Loue doth not kill
Thy crueltie with some remorce?
Diana . Bicause that Loue is but a will,
And free will doth admit no force.
Taurisus . Bebold what reason now thou hast,
To remedie my louing smart?
Diana . The very same bindes me as fast,
To keepe such danger from my hart.


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