Montemayor's Diana

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Then burnes my soule so strangely, that I finde
My vitall spirits to leaue their proper places:
Loue doth inforce this suffrance, weake by kinde,
And hope, that’s flowne away with feathered paces,
To make my flames still burning in my brest,
Which giues me not one hower of wished rest.
When I consider of my base estate,
And high perfections of my Shepherdesse,
Then doth my hart retire with fearefull gate,
And pinching frost my timorous soule possesse:
Loue will I liue in hope of happinesse,
And so I doe sometimes, but fortunes hate
To quaking feare subiecteth euery power,
Which makes me not enioy one happy hower.
In such ill time, I sawe the burning light
Of those cleere stars, whose like was neuer seene,
That face, that grace, those vertues infinite,
With which Diana raignes as fairest Queene:
That my desires are kindled by those bright
And shining beames, that I doe neuer weene
To hope for ease of these excessiue flames
That burnes my soule, and breedes a thousand blames.
In such ill time I sawe those daintie handes
Of whitest Iuorie, fram’d for thousand smartes,
And those two eies, where little Cupid standes
Wounding the freest mindes with mortall dartes:
That my small forces with his mighty bandes
Confounded, foiled, and fearfully departes,
And then remaines so weakned with his ire,
That shiuering feare doth conquer my desire.
Didst euer see a lightning from the skies
With mightie force to rend an aged Oke?
So strong is that and terrible, which lies
Within my brest, all smoothered in the smoke:
Didst euer see the violent force of brookes,
That from the highest rocks fall headlong downe?
So proud, so fierce, and angrie in her lookes
Diana seemes, when she begins to frowne:
But her pretences are too far
To make me sad by base and seruile feare,


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