Montemayor's Diana

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And flowers fine
Odours diuine:
And alwaies with an order souer•…ne
The meadow laughes, the wood the hill, and plaine.
The noise made heere by silent gentle windes
In flowrie boughes, the leaues that softly shake,
Delighteth more, then that the people make
In great assemblies, where their sundrie kindes
Of proud demeanours, and high maiesties,
Are foolish vanities:
Their solemne feastes
Breede but vnrestes,
Their honours name
Blinde errours frame:
And all their holy wordes cleane different
From that, that in their harts was euer ment.
Ambition heere no snares nor nets regardes,
Nor auarice for crownes doth lay her bates:
The people heere aspire not to estates,
Nor hungers after fauours, nor rewardes:
From guile and fraude, and passion, as we see,
Their harts are euer free.
Their faith’s not vaine,
But good and plaine:
Their malice small,
They iust to all,
Which makes them liue in ioy and quiet peace,
And in a meane sufficient for their ease.
To new found worlds, nor seas, that rage and swell,
The simple Shepherd neuer sailes in vaine:
Nor to the furdest Indias, for his gaine,
Thousandes of leagues, and duckates there to tell:
Vnto the field he comes as well content,
With that that God hath sent;
As he that spendes
Rents without endes:
And liues (perdie)
As merily
As he that hath great flockes vpon his hils,
And of good ground a thousand acres tils.

Delius from a far off heard the voice of his faire wife Diana, and perceiuing that another answered her, made great haste to goe see who was in her companie:


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