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And in the field vpon the mowers brest
With greater heate doth spread his scorching raies:
The silent noise this pleasant fountaine yeeldes,
That runs amids these fieldes,
Such musicke mooues,
As woonder prooues,
And makes so kinde
The furious winde,
That by delight thereof, their force they stay,
And come to blowe as gently as they may.
You running riuers pure and christalline,
That all the yeere doe make a liuely spring,
And beautifie your banks and euery thing,
With Cowslips, Lillies, and sweete Colombine,
The cruell heate of Phoebus come not neere
To heate this fountaine cleere,
Nor that such sweete
Liquour, with feete
Troubled be not
Of sheepe or goat:
Nor that the teares, which fatthlesse louers wast
In these fine waters neuer may be cast.
Greene flowrie meade, where natures curious die
Hath showen her colours diuers in their kinde,
With trees, and flowers, whereto they are combinde,
Which paintes thee foorth so faire vnto the eie:
In thee thy boughes of verdure may not knowe
The blustring windes that blowe,
Prosper, and giue
Flowers, and liue:
Not to be lost
By heate or frost:
Nor angrie heauen in furie doe not sloile,
Nor hurt so faire a meade, and fertill soile.
Heere from the hurly burly, and the noise
Of stately courtes sequestred, euery one
Reposedly liues by himselfe alone,
In quiet peace, in harmlesse sportes and ioies:
In shades sometimes, laide downe on Floras pride
Neere to some riuers side,
Where birdes doe yeeld
Sweete notes in field,


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