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Loue, that dost set such mortall coles on fire,
O Loue, that thus my life thou dost assaile,
Intreated ill, tormented by thine ire:
Hencefoorth I curse thy chaines, thy flames, thy dart,
Wherewith thou bind’st, consum’st, and kill’st my hart.

And now let vs come to Syrenus Sonnet, whereby he seemes to make men be∣leeue, that the imagination of Loues enterprises sufficeth to ouercome the furie of the torment. For if his operations be to kill, to wound, to make blind, to burne, to consume, to captiuate, and to torment, he shall neuer make me beleeue, that to ima∣gine things of paine doth lighten the griefe, which must rather (as I thinke) giue greater force and feeling to the passion: For when it is more in imagination, it re∣maineth longer in his heart, and with greater paine torments it. And if that be true which Syrenus did sing, I much maruell that he receiuing so deepe a taste in this thought, hath now so easily changed it, by meanes of so cruell obliuion, not onely of loues operations, but also of thy beautie, which ought not for any thing in the world to be forgotten.
Alcida had scarce finished these last words, when Diana lifting vp her eies (for she suspected somewhat) perceiued her husband Delius comming downe from the side of a little hill bending his steps towards the fountaine of the Sicamours, where they were togither: whereupon cutting off Alcidas discourse, she said vnto her.
No more, gentle Shepherdesse, no more; for we will finde fitter time hereafter to heare out the rest, and to answer thy weake and common arguments: For behold my husband is comming downe yonder hill towards vs, and therefore I thinke it best to turne our talke to some other matter, and with the tune of our instruments to dissemble it: and so let vs begin to sing, bicause when he is come neere vnto vs, he may not be displeased at the manner of our conuersation: whereupon Alcida taking her Cytern, and Diana her Bagpipe, began to sing as followeth.

Prouencall Rythmes.

WHile Titan in his Coach with burning beames
Ouer the world with such great force doth ride,
That Nymphes, and their chaste companies abide
In woods, and springs, and shallowe shadowed streames:
And while the prating grashopper replies
Her song in mourning wise,
Shepherdesse sing
So sweete a thing,
That th’heauens may bee
By hearing thee
Made gentle, on their owne accord to power
Vpon this meade a fresh and siluer shower.
Whiles that the greatest of the Planets staies
Iust in the mids betweene the East and west,


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