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Bicause it did thy minde too much dismay:
Fancies they are, like to the dreames by night,
Common to louers (if there any bee)
To manifest his childish toies so light.
Poore God of loue, thy seruants all agree
As many as doe waite vpon thy traine,
To lay their faultes most commonly in thee:
If childish toies I saide: doe not disdaine:
For this God, whom thou dost so much obay,
Is but a childe, thy wordes doe shew it plaine.
Thou seem’st to shew the same by wordes, I say,
By deedes I knowe not, nor I doe pretend
To knowe, though deedes by words thou dost display.
Which last of all in men I comprehend,
Which are more wordes then works in plaine effect:
In case this God of loue their mindes offend,
If that your harts so plainly could detect
That, which your mouth expresseth by her voice,
We should not hold your loues in such suspect.
But truth it is, I doe no whit reioice,
For nothing it concerneth me at all,
To heare thee vaunt thee of thy loue and choice:
And that as firme as any brazen wall,
And more then rocks vpon the shorie sandes,
In fortunes fauour or in fortunes thrall:
That like an Oke against the winde it standes,
Like hardest Dimond to the beating steele,
Like Salamander in the flaming brandes.
And that againe it turneth like the wheele,
And wauers more then beames of shaken glasse,
More then the waues, that tumble still and reele,
More changing then the weathercocke (Alas)
In towres, and more then Cynthia in her skie:
And more then men in loue their liues that passe.
This hurts me little, nor I care not I,
Wherefore it shall be better for thy ease,
Not to loue her, that doth thy loue denie.
Then seeke some other with thy loue to please
Against thy loue that will not so rebell,
And where thou maist swim in contented seas:
For (sooth) thy person hath deserued well
To be beloued of some other dame,
For many giftes in which thou dost excell.
There is no Lady, but would wish the same,
Nor scorne thy loue, but euer thinke her blest
That she might call thee by her louers name.
And sooner shalt thou want (to match thy brest)
A Lady fit (respecting thy desert)


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