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passions or life will do no lesse.
Dardanea hauing now the letter in her hande that Palna sent to Disteus, she first thought it best to see what Palna had written to him againe in answere thereof, and when she had opened it, she saw that it said thus.

Palnas letter to Disteus.

TO thee Disteus, thy seruant Palna sendeth health. Thy vertuous and magni∣ficent minde hath beene no lesse manifest vnto me by the late and passed en∣tertainment, which thou euer gauest me, not being constrained thereunto, then by this present letter, and by writing first vnto me, not being bound to do it; whereby the bountie of thy braue minde is apparant to me, and the worthines of thy high and noble blood (from whence thou art descended) well showen, and my base con∣dition not made vnknowne. I speake it not for that I haue forsaken thee for my Lady Dardanea, for of this I will neuer aske thee forgiuenes, nor repent mee, but bicause (as I was bounde) I wrote not first vnto thee. And though I haue suffi∣cient matter to excuse mee, yet I will not alledge it in mine owne behalfe, bicause I doe not desire to be pardoned. Thy sweete and louing letter had affoorded me no small pleasure, if it had commanded me to doe something, wherein my poore abilitie might auaile thee, though it had beene to the cost of my life. But I coulde not be but sorrie, when I sawe I could not pleasure thee, of which fonde request and ouersight, in plainer termes (if by regarde of due obedience I were not re∣strained) I woulde flatly reprooue thee: In deniall whereof (for I will not for all the worlde doe any thing willingly, whereby I might giue my Mistresse occasion of offence) I sende thee thy letter againe which thou hast sent mee to deliuer vnto her. But bicause I may by something paie that great debt which I owe thee, I would counsell thee (if I might) to leaue of such a thought, the contrarie whereof shall be no lesse dangerous then troublesome to thee, and without any profite at all. If in any other thing thou wilt trie my good will and fidelitie, I would take it for a speciall fauour at thy hands. The Gods keepe thee in their protection.
Then she opened the letter that Disteus sent to her, to the graue style and iu∣dicious conceate whereof, I praie you Gentlemen giue an attentiue eare.

Disteus his letter to Dardanea.

TO thee the comfort of all mortall men,
Of all men liuing the most comfortlesse,
Health (if discomfort any such can send)
If any left, doth send with happinesse.
I wish no ease of all my ceaselesse paine,
If that a thousand times when I did take
In hand to write to thee, I left againe
My pen as oft, when hand and hart did quake.
I launch’t into the maine and broadest seas,
Knowing no port, nor friendly land, or coast
To saile vnto (my shaken barke to ease,
With raging waues and furious tempests tost)


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