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Sagastes would haue the dittie make mention of this last point, bicause as Marthea gaue him to vnderstand no lesse, so he beleeued not any thing to the con∣trarie. This song being ended, he began to doe that he promised, which was to praise God Cupid and Fortune, with so great delight of the hearers, as the end of the first had taken it away from them. But their beginning (as it was told me) was not without the vnpleasant iarring of their discording instruments. I beleeue it well (said Lord Felix) that this discord was not any whit pleasant to them there when the recitall thereof heere is displeasant to mine eares: and therefore I pray thee, without any more circumstances, tell vs what was sung besides, for I doe greatly desire to heare how he praised Fortune, an apter subiect of blame, then fit to be prai∣sed. If it be your pleasures (said Placindus) giue eare to my words, and note the mea∣ning of it, for this is the song.

HE that doth Fortune blame,
And of God Cupid speaketh ill.
Full little knowes he that his will
Is subiect to the same:
And that he doth procure his proper shame,
Held for a foole, and one of simple skill.
Who speakes he knowes not what,
Is thought to be a very Sot:
For good of them who speaketh not?
And I suspect that that
Same simple one, doth lay a formall plat
To be reputed for an Idiot.
He knowes not Fortunes might,
Nor knowes the mightie God of Loue:
She rules beneath, and he aboue;
For she doth sit by right
Amongst the Goddesses with shining light;
And he amongst the Gods his might doth prooue.
The Boy I will omit,
Since that his great and mighty name
Giues him great praise and woorthy fame,
Being (who knowes not it)
The God of Loue, whose praise I will forgit,
To sing of Fortune that most noble dame.
The foole on Fortune railes,
Bicause she neuer doth repose,
The first and highest sphere, and those
Adioyning, neuer failes
In that, which all the world so much auailes,
I meane in motions which they neuer lose.


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