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If to my charge or them to keepe
Thou dost commend thy kine, or sheepe,
For this I doe suffice:
Bicause in this I haue beene bred:
But for so much as I haue fed,
By viewing thee, mine eies,
Command not me to keepe thy beast,
Bicause my selfe I can keepe lest.
How can I keepe, I pray thee tell,
Thy kye, my selfe that cannot well
Defend, nor please thy kinde,
As long as I haue serued thee?
But if thou wilt giue vnto mee
A kisse to please my minde,
I aske no more for all my paine,
And I will keepe them very faine.
For thee, the gift is not so great
That I doe aske, to keepe thy neate,
But vnto me it is
A guerdon, that shall make me liue:
Disdaine not then to lend, or giue
So small a gift as this.
But if to it thou canst not frame,
Then giue me leaue to take the same.
But if thou dost (my sweete) denie
To recompence me by and by,
Thy promise shall relent me,
Heere after some rewarde to finde:
Behold how I doe please my minde,
And fauours doe content me,
That though thou speak’st it but in •est,
I meane to take it at the best.
Behold how much loue workes in mee,
And how ill recompenc’t of thee,
That with the shadow of
Thy happy fauours (though delaide)
I thinke my selfe right well appaide,
Although they prooue a scoffe.
Then pitie me, that haue forgot
My selfe for thee, that carest not.
O in extreme thou art most faire,
And in extreme vniust despaire
Thy crueltie maintaines:


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