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And so she thought the same thou wouldst not leaue,
Which made her still vnto thy liking cleaue,
Bicause she thought it free from double face:
If of this conquest (Shepherd) thou dost boast,
With thousand such in time thou maist be crowned,
If thousand times thou mean’st to vndermine,
If high renowne is got for credit lost,
Onely of me a subiect thou shalt finde
With guiles to be a thousand times propouned.

To any of these I neuer had an answer, wherupon I think he neuer made account of them, and of the last especially, bicause he had now quite forgotten me when that came. Of one thing I will aduise thee, saide Syrenus, if thou wilt take it at my handes. This thou maiest be sure of, said Cardenia, for I thinke there is none, that would not wish to haue som remedy of her ils, if there were any meanes for them. The meanes said Syrenus, are easie enough for thee, that haste such libertie, as I vnderstoode by Faustus. And it is to accompanie vs to the place where he is, bicause our waies lie thereby. For I cannot beleeue, but thy presence wil make him, with crauing pardon, acknowledge his fault. This counsell Syrenus gaue her, to remooue such a block out of his way, as Faustus was. All of them liked his aduise well, but Cardenia best of all, and therefore answered thus. It is therefore needfull for you (my friendes) if you will shew me so much friendship, and vse this pitie towards me to tarry for me, if it please you, while I take some order for certaine kine, which I keepe harde by heere, and commit them to the keeping of a Shepherd, that (certes) loues me more then Faustus, who, I hope, will take the charge vpon him with a good will. But I must in no hand tell him whither I go, bicause with patience he cannot endure it: where∣fore I will faine that I go to some other place. In the meane time I will giue you such entertainment as my poore abilitie can affoord, though not good enough for your deserts. Vpon this request they determined to staie, and she went to seeke out the Shepherd, whom she found out by and by, for she knewe where he was commonly woont to feed. Carisus, for this was the Shepherds name, seeing Cardenia comming to him contrarie to her wonted custome, went with no little ioy to meete her, and saluting her, saide thus vnto her. What noueltie is this, my deerest Shepherdesse, from whence comes so much good, that this happie soule of mine deigneth to come to visite this miserable bodie of hers? Cardenia, who would rather haue heard those words in Faustus mouth, then of Carisus, interrupted him, saying. Necessitie, which, to leaue my kine in thy keeping, while I goe hard by to see a kinswoman of mine, bringes me to seeke out such a Shepherd, that they may not feele my absence, and as I put no greater trust in any for this matter then in thee, I come to knowe if thou wilt take this charge vpon thee. Carisus putting some strings on his Rebecke, that he had in his hand, and tuning voice to this that followes, answered Cardemas re∣quest thus, taking for his ground (bicause it made so fit for his purpose) that common Castillian countrey dance, that saieth in Spanish.

GVarda milas vaccas
Carillo, por tu fe,
Besa mi primero,
Yo te las guardaré.
I pray thee keepe my kine for mee
Carillio, wilt thou? Tell.
First let me haue a kisse of thee,
And I will keepe them well.
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