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for nought (saide I) a fault should be solde, it would be held but for a sport and pa∣stime in lieu of satisfying your wils, to giue occasion of anger, howsoeuer by redee∣ming it onely with pardon craued and obtained. So that trust not to this Shepherd: for the second shall not be forgiuen thee so good cheape. Wouldst thou haue him liue so precisely faire Stela, (said Parthenius) and in such continual feare, that he dare not onely speake, nor so much as breath for feare of offending thee? I coulde not choose but laugh at Parthenius words, and at the countenance wherewith he spake them: To the which I answered thus. Gracious thou art in sooth iolly Shepherd, that art so ready to helpe thy companion, I do not meaneit so extreamely, as thou saiest, he vnderstands me well enough: I imagine as much said Parthenius, but am not ignorant, that thou art rigorous, and that in this sort we are both in an ill case, if for speaking perhaps or doing a light thing ignorantly, one shoulde not be pardo∣ned. If so small faults are so heynously punished, howe can the greater escape vncorrected? Wherefore set downe this lawe (if thou wilt at the least be ac∣counted iust) that the punishment exceede not the fault, putting the fault and the punishment in an equall ballance of moderation: We are more bound to our Gods for mercy, which they shew vs, then for their iustice, whereby but a lit∣tle they profite themselues. Tell me then faire Stela (as the Gods preserue thee still in thy singular and rare beautie) if euery time that men offende, high Ioue shoulde sende downe his thunderbolts, howe manie dost thou thinke shoulde hee finde vnarmed? I impute it not Gentlemen, to any pride, arrogancie, or necessitie of mine owne part, if lying, sometimes I say (faire Stela) which are formall words of Shepherds, and commonly vsed of them, which besides (although I might well leaue vnspoken) yet could it not be well suffred, bicause they are not without myste∣rie. It is well (said Doria) let it be as thou wilt, and tell on, for we will not stay our selues vpon so apparant a matter as this. I answered Parthenius (said Stela.) That the errour committed is well manifested, but after what sort shall the ignorance thou speakest of be cleere vnto me? But I see thee Parthenius so free in thy speeches, and bitter in thy reprehensions, that I shall be forced with my will, yea, and for very feare, to do something for thee. Parthenius without more adoe humbled himselfe with Delicius, who was all this while at my feete, for of purpose I would not bid him rise, desirous to see them both equally yeeld themselues vnto me, bicause I equally loued them both, and being in this sort, he said. If it be then so, I beseech thee par∣don him, since he craues it on thee with so great humilitie. I am content (said I) and taking them both by the hands, I lifted them vp, which when I had done, Crimine said. Tell me Parthenius how fals it out, thou art not with thy friend Gorphorost to day? Parthenius answered, bicause I knew faire Stela would come hither to day. And not bicause I came, said Crimine? Thou hast no cause to aske me this question (gra∣cious Nymphe) answered Parthenius, since thou art assured, I would do it no lesse for thine, but onely bicause faire Stelas presence was so much desired, by reason of these passed discontents. One thing I haue marked, said Crimine, whereof I should not be a little ashamed, if there were any other heere besides Stela, that thou dost call her euermore (faire) and me (gracious.) Thou maist vrge me so farre saide he, that I may confesse my selfe ouercommed. Friend Crimine, said I, their faults cannot take away the due praise of thy beautie, so that if thine were deemed by right and indifferent iudges, it should euer haue the prize and superioritie. And whom said Crimine shall we appoint for such iudges? My selfe said I, and those, whom thou wilt besides, that are of better iudgement and skill, then these Shepherdes. Why, what saiest thou,


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