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to sing, whereupon they sawe him take his Rebecke out of his scrip, and with a play∣ning voice began thus to sing.

PHillis, my faire yoong Shepherdesse,
That from thee by and by
I must depart (O heauinesse)
O that no, but woe that I.
O from the world that now I might depart,
Since that I must (my ioy) forgo thy sight,
For now I liue too long: Then kill my hart
Mishap, if thou wilt grant me so much right:
Or fatall sisters now consent,
That she or I might die,
I craue it to a good intent:
O that no, but woe that I.
Pardon, it is not I that doe desire
Thy sudden and thy wrongfull death not, I.
It is my loue, my hot and burning fire,
That made my toong so much to goe awrie:
And feare it is that mooues my hart,
And thoughts of iealousie,
Since thou dost stay, and I depart,
O that no, but woe that I.
Such iealousies they are not, thou must thinke,
That thou some other loue wilt entertaine,
For I doe knowe that loue can neuer sinke
Into thy brest (vnto my cruell paine.)
But iealousie thou wilt forget
Heereafter, and denie
That one did see another yet:
O that no, but woe that I.
But if thou dost (faire Shepherdesse) suspect
To burie me in Lethes lake, let greefe,
Before thou shouldst so ill my loue respect,
Consume my life, let death be my relcefe:
Then thou shouldst thinke but such a thought,
First (faire one) let me die:
Although it shall be deerely bought,
O that no, but woe that I.
To rid my selfe from such n cruell paine,
I would destroy my selfe, and purchase rest:


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