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happily guided: Wherein Fortune so highly fauoured me, that day by day (though much against my will) I accompanied those faire Nymphes; not, that it was not a foueraigne glorie to me to be in presence of that cleere Sunne I spake of; but bicause I would haue thought it a greater good, if my deere brother had also inioyed the same. This is strange (said Lord Felix) to shew thy selfe on the one side most appas∣sionate for faire Stela, & to grieue on the other, that thou inioyest her sight al alone, desiring it for another. But stranger it would seeme (said Delicius) if you knew euery thing that passed about this matter: But now let it suffice you (Gentlemen and Shepherds) to know this much, and another day (it may be) I will make an ende of that I haue begun. They were all importunate with him to haue him tell on, when Felicias comming made them leaue of, who being come vnto them, said to Delicius. My friend Shepherd, since I inioyned thee of late to a task that not so wel contented thee, I am now come to deliuer thee from it, bicause I imagine how grieuous it is to thee to passe therein any further. To do the contrarie good Ladie (said Delicius) were vnworthie your gracious selfe, and not quadrant to that, which is expected at your hands, wherein I meane not to giue you the thankes you deserue, nor hope of any other guerdon, then that which you your selfe haue alreadie taken, considering that you do no more, then what to your owne selfe you are bound to do. For all this (said Felicia) let vs (my sonnes) goe home, for Phoebus now doth hasten him to his owne, whose rosie beames, though silently they begin to decay, shall with his Sisters siluer lights, to guide our steps be carefully supplyed. And we might well passe away this fresh approching night, and with great pleasure spend it in so good companie; but in the end we shall better take our rest in the house, whereas for this day let vs con∣tent vs with the bootie we carie home. With a fewe such walkes abroad (said Felis∣mena) we shall be quickly inriched: Though in verie truth at our first onset, we haue taken so braue a prize and robbed so much good, as I thinke, we shall not neede to take any paines to lye in waite for more. Felismena had not gone away in Stelas debt, if Felicia had not cut her off, saying. The fashion in this place is not to pay by and by, but to trust something. But how comes this to passe, that I haue alreadie taken Pa∣risiles, Stelas, and Crimines words to be my guestes, and haue not Delicius consent to be one of them? Aduise thee therefore Shepherd, if it please thee to goe in with vs, for it was neuer my condition to force any against their wils, whereby to giue thee any occasion to complaine of me, and to say that like a forced captiue I carie thee in. Your words good Ladie (said Delicius) are different from your deedes. For whosoe∣uer should heare you say, that you did not perforce carie me in, would not (I thinke) beleeue your wordes: for I frankly confesse before them all, that you carrie me in as a prisoner, forced and taken. Wherein if they will not credit me, for themselues (at the least) they must needs beleeue me: for I will gage my head, that all will affirme no lesse, and say, that you haue moreouer forced and made them captiue to your wil and commaund. They all laughed at Delicius answere, seeing how well he had ac∣quited himselfe of Felicias iest, whereupon they all told Felicia, that the Shepherd said true, and that she should not care for satisfactions with wordes. And who shall iudge this betweene vs (said Felicia) for I confesse to, that you carie me no lesse con∣strained and forced to your wils and desires. But leauing this doubt to be decided, let vs go our waies. Then all of them obeying the sage Felicia, followed her, and with the pleasant discourses which they mooued there amongst themselues, made the way seeme lesse and shorter; so that sooner then they would, some of them came to the royall Palace. It was now well entred into night, when being come neere to


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