Montemayor's Diana

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He loues this Nymph, the more doth she contemne
His mightie loue, and all his vainest suites.
Faire Daphnes hart is hardened and congealed
In loue of this great God of heauen aboue:
Apollos hart consumes with burning heat
In loue of this poore maide in earth beneath.
The God desireth to inioy her loue,
And after this desire commeth hope.
But here his Oracles deceiue him much:
For in these things diuining is but vaine.
So with this hope, which is but vaine, and false,
He doth maintaine and feede his barren loue.
And feeling with great paine his burning fire,

To Cupid in this sort he mildly spake:

What fire is it, that thus my breast doth tame,
And yet no flame, I see that’s manifest?
Is this thy best reuenge, O Cupid tell,
Fierce God and fell, which on me thou dost take?
Hovv dost thou make the mightie Gods to bend,
And dost offend the rich, the proud, and vvise,
And dost despise and tame the great and small?
So easie shall not flixe, nor tovv be burn’d,
Nor reeds be turned to fire laid thereby,
Alas as I vvith thy reuenging games
Do burne in flames: for thou hast made my hart
To feele the smart of loue, and vvith thy might
And golden flight, hast (cruell) vvounded it.
Which thou hast smit, and smitten, stolne avvay,
And made decaye of it vvithin my brest:
Where novv no rest, nor vvonted ioyes do dvvell.
Then cruell tell the same vvhere hast thouput,
Where hast thou shut my hart of sorrovv? vvhat,
And is that, perhaps? O that it is.
And novv in this faire forrest do they vse,
Thus to abuse Gods harts, and steale and kill?
From hence I vvill (Cupid) make thee my mate,
And friend (though late) for euer thou shalt be,
Since linked me thou hast in such a chaine.
Her haire doth staine the golden Colchos fleece,
Which out of Greece, Iason shall saile to seeke.
Her face and cheeke enameled vvith red,
With vvhite be spread, passing the Roses gay
In moneth of May, that dare not come in place
To see her face, nor yet the Lillie vvhite
Approch in sight, vvhere her braue beautie shines.
Aurora pines in seeing her, and dyes.
Her tvvinkling eies, more then the heauenly lights


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