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Cupid at this waxt angrie and asham’d.
But yet with threats to his vnworthie scornes,
Nor with proude words in no wise would reply.
For mightie Loue, as he is verie wise,
And resolute of that he takes in hand,
Cares not to bragge it out with threatning words:
But doth performe it with most valiant deedes.
But yet bicause his follies he should know,
And how he was deceiued in his might,
Which all the Gods besides himselfe had knowen
(For yet Apollo neuer felt the paines,
Nor cruell torments that braue Cupid giues)
With gentle words proceeding from a minde,
Incensed more within, then outwardly,
To his braue termes this speech he did reply.
Too proud thou hast thy selfe (Apollo) showen
In speaking such vile words vnto my face.
Such rather I embrace
With honour, and I vse them not, but saying
Nothing at all in such a wrongfull case,
I do such things, as like were neuer none.
Hearke then how I am knowen
By word of mouth, and how much I am swaying.
After by deed, I will bring thee to obaying.
Neptune, and Ioue, and Vulcan I do keepe
Vnder my mightie will:
Few Gods there are, that with their skill,
Do free themselues, but vnto me do creepe.
The Goddesses do weepe
To heare my name, and yeeld with mere consent
Vnto my gouernment.
And Venus, though my louing mother be,
Cannot escape with partiall libertie.
What man is he, neuer so strong in armes,
That hath escaped in my amorous field?
Here bootes not speare, nor sheeld,
Nor Mars his weapons, nor his strong defence.
In vaine he fights, whom I will haue to yeeld.
Learning, and wisedome here procure but harmes,
And flie at my Alarmes,
And staying, do imprint a deeper sence
Of louing passions, and with more offence.
Women (mine ornament) do euer hide
What neuer was concealed.
For flames are hardly vnreuealed.
The birds and sauage bcastes my hands hath tide


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