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And swiftest course doth turne away
The lowest heauens, and caries after it:
An order doth admit,
And doth maintaine, not erring in the lest:
For it doth cary them with speede,
And with more haste (indeede)
The nearest heauen to it, from East to West:
But rule thou dost disdaine,

And onely without order dost remaine.

The circled Elements
Of qualities most opposite,
The fire, the aire, the sea, and earth belowe,
In motions not inuents
A nouell course, but mooue aright,
And euer keepe good order, as they goe:
None erreth, no.
The earth about his lowest Centre mooues,
The water next in circle wise,
The aire next that that lies,
And fire to that a gallant order prooues:
But Fortune in thy Spheare

Thou run’st, without good order, rule, or feare.

The heauie fals downe right
(Vnlesse it haue impediment)
Vnto the Centre of his proper Spheare:
And that, which is but light,
If that it haue an open vent,
Mounts to his highest region euery where:
And so each thing doth beare
Good order, and good rule continually:
In generation it doth spring,
Corruption it doth bring,
In fine, all things by order liue and die:
Without it, thou dost range

(Fortune) that with disorder still dost change.

In this world nothing is
(If out of order it be gone)
But ordred it may be in time againe:
Ther’s nothing in blacke Dis
(Though there be all confusion)
Nor order kept (for there it were but vaine)
But may indeede remaine
In order, in their manner, forme, and kinde,
And may be call’d to order fit,
If we consider it:


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