Montemayor's Diana

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Cares and vnrest of things, which I aboue
All other things till then did scorne and iest:
He thought (at lest) to be reueng’d of me,
When he did see, that I scorn’d him alone
Bicause that none should once presume to be
So stout, as mocke his might so tride and knowne,
Nor his high throne, nor his supreme estate:
The Elfe of late hath plaide a suttell part,
As with new art my ioies to ruinate:
For often as he had essaid my hart
With wounding dart of beautie to subdew,
And with the view (not long since) of a face,
Which tooke no place, for then in vaine he threw:
A faire and daintie hand he did vnbrace,
With such a grace, and to mine eies did show,
And such a blowe he gaue me with the same,
That then with shame his power I did knowe,
For downe it threw me, my braue pride to tame.
Tell me, how came it thus (faire hand) to passe,
That so I was with such a blowe againe
Throwne downe amaine, (neuer to rise, alas)
By thee so fine and tender to be slaine?
Alas, in vaine I tooke thee for a hand,
For can it stand, that nature did thee frame?
Into the same, I thinke a mighty band
Of Cupids powers of late transformed came
My hart to tame, and dire reuenge to take,
Since I did make so little of his powre:
If now each howre for this thou dost awake
Thy hawty force, my poore hart to deuoure:
Be not so sowre, for pardon I doe craue,
The which to haue, I promise to obay
From day to day thy will, thy force and braue
Commaund, and also to confesse, and say,
That thou dost sway, more then the rest aboue,
O God of Loue: And if that any nill
Embrace thy will his follies to reprooue,
I will aduise him how thy wrath doth kill.
And euer will endeuour to reclame
The freest harts vnto thy louing flame.


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