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The ground shall first be void, nor trod, nor vsed,
Leesing her nature, and her proper being:
First shall the raine, and vvater be refused
Of plants, no moisture round about them seeing:
First shall our life vvith aire be not sustained,
And first the foode of hunger be disdained:
Before the vvorld shall see a deede so hainous,

Seluagia not to loue her deere Syluanus.

The presence of the vvoolfe, that doth deuoure
The sillie lambes, in shades shall not be feared:
As little shall the hare, vvithin her bovvre
The yalping hounds, nor harts of lions teared;
Nor Mouse of Cat, All hate shall be extruded,
And louing peace tvvixt all shall be concluded:
But yet the time and day shall happen neuer
When Syluan shall not loue Seluagia euer.
The flocke of little chickes (the dams deere treasure)
Of rauening kites and gleades shall be eschevved:
The Partridge shall securely liue in pleasure,
Of praying Goshauke being not pursued:
The pullaine shall not be of Foxe molested,
But peace, and truce tvvixt all shall be suggested:
But neuer lies a deede in her so hainous,

As that Seluagia should forget Syluanus.

I say, vvhile any part shall be maintained
Of thy Syluanus vvith blood and vitall povvres,
And vvhilst each member of the same sustained
Shall be vvith soule, vnto their latest hovvres;
And if (besides) the soule can loue (expired)
When to the graue the body is retired,
In life, in death, else let him prosper neuer:
Syluan. sshall loue his Shepherdesse for euer.
I say, vvhile liuing breath shall not be vvanting
In thy Seluagia, louing thee so truly:
And vvhile her soule, vvithin her body panting,
Shall make aboade, and gouerne it so duly:
And aftervvardes, if that (the same deceased)
Body and soule may be in loue increased,
In life, and death, and after death so hainous,

Seluagia shall for euer loue Syluanus.


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