Montemayor's Diana

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Ah wilt thou in such cares and greefes enfold me,
Fierce Shepherdesse, and in such lamentations
To spend my dolefull yeeres, wilt thou behold mo?
Ahart that’s thine, dispos’st thou in such fashions?
Intreat’st thou thus a foule to thee affied,
That the lest greefe it is to suffer passions?

Loue such a knot, that’s endless thou hast tied,
That’s blinde, and thou, and I more blinde intended:
She is blinde, for whom my life’s denied:
For I sawe not my life, and pleasure ended,
Nor she how I for her to death imploy me,
Nor thou, that I in flames am thus incended.
Fell Loue, shall faire Diana now destroy me
With absence? then conclude (since hate surrounds it)
To end my life, and fortunes that annoy me.
Ioy’s slowe, timeflies, and with his shortnes wounds it,
Hope dies, an amorous thought lives still augmented:
Loue shortens it, prolongs it, and confounds it.
To speake I am ashamed thus tormented,
And though it greeues me, yet with ceaslesse payning
Without the same I cannot live contented.

O soule, for sake not now they dolefull plaining,
And you my weried eies
Cease not in swelling teares my cheeks to steepe,
Since you have learn’d to weepe,
And waile the chiefest cause of all my cries.

And waile the chiefest cause of all my cries:
Yet (cruell Shepherdesse)
Sometimes they were of my most sweete content.
O thoughts in sorrow spent,
How small time lasts a ioy and happiness?

How small time lasts a ioy and happiness,
And that sweete gracious smile,
(Fortune) wherewith I sawe thee not accoyd?
Now all is well imployd
In him, whom time doth counsell and beguile.

In him, whom time doth counsell and beguile,
Loue works his behest:

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