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Since by their meanes I sawe within this Vale
The fairest thing, which neuer in my Daies
I thought to see, And this is no Deceite;
In proofe whereof, aske it of Loue and Fortune.

Though on the other side, instable Fortune,
And time, occasion, and my dolefull Eies,
And not suspecting this most braue Deceite,
Caus’d all the ill, whereof I doe Complaine:
And so I thinke to end my wofull Daies,
Counting my greefes, and passions to this Vale.

If that the riuer, hill, the meade, and Vale,
Earth, heauen, and fate, and cruell Loue, and Fortune,
The howers, and the moments, yeeres, and Daies,
My soule, my hart, and these two wearied Eies,
Doe aggrauate my greefe when I Complaine,
Who then can say, I liue by fond Deceite?

Deceiu’d I was, but this was no Deceite,
For, that I haue beheld within this Vale
So rare perfection, I doe not Complaine,
But to behold, how Loue and cruell Fortune
Would signifie vnto these wearied Eies,
That there should come a helpe after some Daies.

And now the yeeres are past, the months, and Daies,
Vpon this confidence, and cleere Deceite:
Wearie with weeping are my watrie Eies:
Wearie to heare me is the hill, and Vale.
And in the end thus answered of false Fortune,
Iesting at that, whereof I doe Complaine.

But wofull man, whereof doe I Complaine,
But of the length of my prolonged Daies?
Perhaps, a slaue to me is cruell Fortune,
That for my fault she must pay this Deceite?
Went he not free, exempted in this Vale,
Who did command me to lift vp mine Eies?

But who againe can tame his greedie Eies,
Or can I liue, if I doe not Complaine
Of th’ill, which Loue hath done me in this Vale.
Curst be that ill, that lastes so many Daies:
But death cannot (if this be no Deceite)
Stay long to giue an end vnto my Fortune.

Calmes wonted are to come after hard Fortune,
But neuer shall be viewed of mine Eies.


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