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estate to this day in Antiquera, equiualent in Heroicall and Martiall deedes with the first originall, from whence they are descended. The historie being ended, Felicia did commend the grace, and good wordes wherewith faire Felismena did tell it, and so did all the rest, that were preient, who taking their leaue of the sage Lady, went all to take their rest.

The end of the fourth booke.

The fifth Booke of Diana of George
of Montemayor.

THe next day in the morning the Lady Felicia rose vp, and went to Felismenas chamber, whom she found, not with few teares, newly making an end of apparelling her-selfe, thinking euery hower she staied there a thousand yeeres. And the sage Lady taking her by the hande, they went into a gallerie that looked into a garden, where they had supped the night before, and ha∣uing asked her the cause of her teares, and giuing her som com∣fort and assured hope, that her greefes should haue such an end, as she her-selfe de∣sired, she saide vnto her. There is nothing in the world more ready to take her life away, whom I loue well, then with incertaine hope to depriue her of the remedie of her greefe, for there is not an hower that seemes not so long vnto her (liuing in this sort) as she thinkes the howers of her life short and speedie. Because therefore my desire is to fulfill thine, and after some fewe troubles to haue thee obtaine the sweet content and rest, that Fortune hath promised thee, thou shalt depart from thine owne house heere, in the same habite that thou camest, when thou didst defend my Nymphes from the force and violence of the brutish and cruell Sauages; assuring thee besides, that when my helpe and fauour may stande thee in steede, vnsent for, thou shalt alwaies haue it. So that thy departure faire Felismena must be presently; & trust in God, that thy desire shall haue a happie end: For if I knew it to be other∣wise, thou maist well thinke, I woulde not be without other remedies to make thee forget these thoughts, as I haue done to many other Louers more. Felismena was glad to heare the graue Ladies wordes, to whom she replied thus. I know not howe with words (discreete Lady) I may giue you condigne thankes, nor with what deeds and humble seruice make any part of satisfaction of this infinite fauour, which I receiue at your Ladiships hands. God grant I may liue so long, that by proofe your Ladishippe may know the great desire I haue to do you all the seruice I may. That which your Ladiship commands me to do, I will presently go about, which cannot but haue good successe, being directed by her counsell, that can in euery thing giue the best. The sage Lady embraced her, saying. I hope to see thee, faire Felismena, in this house more loyfull and contented, then now thou art. And bicause the two Shepherdes and Shepherdesses are staying for vs, it is reason that I go, to giue them also some remedy for their sorrowes, that need it so much. Wherefore both of them going out of the hall, and finding Syrenus and Syluanus, Seluagia and Belisa atten∣ding their comming, the Lady Felicia saide to Felismena. Entertaine this company faire Lady, while I come hither againe: and going into a chamber, it was not long before she came out againe with two cruets of fine cristall in either hande the feete


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