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Who sees it dies, vnlesse he see it againe,
And seene it, then his sight augments his paint.

Now see I (Nymphes) that you are seeing her,
On whom my thoughts continually deuise,
And yours perforce from her can never stirre,
Cupid for robs, and in her loue he dies:
See how her beauties make the world to erre?
See, but beware such light blinde not your eies.
The Lady Iane Cardona, that faire star,
It is to whom loues powres subiected ar.

That beautie, which exceedeth humane thought,
Which you doe see, if that you can behold it,
She, whose estate was blest, esteeming nought
Of fortune, time, or chaunce, that could enfold it.
She, to the world that such rare giftes hath brought:
She that’s my Muse, and Parnasus, vntold yet,
Lady Ione Anne of Catalane, The end
She is of all, that e’re I did commend.

Neere vnto her there is a great extreme
In purest vertue, high and sublimate,
In comely grace, the fairest in this Realme,
Her golden haire, her necke most delicate;
Each gracious eie a firie pointed beame,
A noble wit, and name of heauens estate:
The Lady Angela Fernando named:
Whom nature to her name like gifts hath framed.

Next to her sits the Lady Marian,
Who hath not in the world her paragon,
Neere to her sister, fairer then the swan
In cristall streames, or fine Vermillion.
Proud is our age of both of them, that can
In tender yeeres haue no comparison
For wisedome; for so much they may presume,
As thousand toongs can tell, or golden plume.

The two fine sisters Borjas which you see,
Hyppolita and Isabell so faire,
With grace and giftes, that so adorned lee,
That Phebus brightest beames they doe empaire.
And see how many liues, that once were free,
Their beauties conquers (Cupids onely snare),
Behold their haire, their countenance, and eies,
This gold, that sweete, and those like stars in skies.


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