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Like to that Star, that neere the Moone doth shine:
Which when she sawe so glorious euery way;
A famous place to her she did a ssigne:
Her beauties tell you, if her name you seeke,
That she’s the peerelesse Lady Anna Vigue.

Faire Nymphes, behold the Lady Theodore
Carroz, that is great Lady and the Queene
Of such braue beautie, neuer seene before,
Wisedome, and grace, as like was neuer seene:
Each thing of hers enamours more and more.
The brauest mens deserts haue neuer beene
Such, as they durst attempt, or euer sought,
By them to place in her an amorous thought.

See (Shepherdes) Lady Angelas braue grace,
Of Borja, looking on Diana bright;
And how to her the Goddesse turnes her face,
To view those eies, that all eies doe inuite,
And mightie Loue himselfe weeping apace,
And how the Nymph derides his conquer’d might:
And laughes to see the cruell Tyrant lying,
Wrapped in chaines, to her for mercy crying.

Of that most famous stocke of çannoguere
A flowre sprung out, so perfect and so pure,
That liuing yet but yong, she neede not feare
Any that may her beauties blaze obscure:
Her mothers heire she is, for she doth beare
The praise, which she did with her giftes procure.
So hath Lady Hieronyma, you see,
In grace, and wit obtain’d the high’st degree.

Now in a wonder (Nimphes) will you remaine?
And see what fortune gaue to her alone,
How wisedome, beautie, and the goodly traine
Of vertues, make in her the chiefest throne?
Lady Veronica Marrades see againe,
For onely by her figure it is knowne
That she hath all, and nothing wants to serue her,
Vnlesse it be, that none can well deserue her.

The Lady Luise Penaroje we see
In more then humane beautie and in grace,
In euery thing most excellent is shee:
All beauties els she staines, and gaine•…pace,
Loue dies for her, and he will not agree,
That any should behold so sweete a face:


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