Montemayor's Diana

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Now Lady Magdalene you may reueale,
Sister vnto those three which I haue showne,
Behold her well, and see how she doth steale
Her gazers harts, and subiect liues to none.
Her peerelesse beautie threats, and in a chaine
Leades little Cupid, turn’d into a stone:
None see her, but they die, and none there ar
But she doth conquer without armes or war.

Those two bright stars, that heere and there doe vaunt
Their shining beames, that dim the starrie skie,
And making that illustrous house of Gaunt
In all the world with high renowne to flie.
This day their wisedome, and their beauties daunt
Each humane thought, and euery mortall eie.
For who sees Magdeline and Marguerite,
That doth not die (for loue) at such a sight?

But will you see the thing, that hath vndone
All wits, and made them all to wonder so?
Behold a Nymph more faire then orient sunne,
Or louely rose, or lilly hard by Po;
This Phoenix name, that through the world doth runne,
Is Lady Caterine Milane, for so
Valencia cals her, and the world doth say,
She is as faire, and wise, as liues this day.

Lift vp your eies (faire Nymphes) and now behold
The Lady Mary Pexon çannoguere,
How by the riuer banks her locks of gold
She kembes, adorning of her shining heare,
Whose beautie, wisedome, and braue giftes are told
For rarest in our Europe euery wheare,
Behold her eies, her faire and Cristalline face,
Her sweete demeanour and her heauenly grace.

Those two behold, the rest that doe excell
Inperfect wisedome, and in quicke conceate:
And for braue beautie beare away the bell,
A paire sans peere, whose starlike eies doe threate
Despaire and death, to those that view them well:
For there sits Cupid in his proper seate.
Their blessed names doe with their nature fit,
Faire Bettrice Vigue and Bettrice Fenollir.

What time Diana went to sport and play,
With her most soueraine face, and more diuine,
Amorning star arose in moneth of May,


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