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And equall is with others in this land
In wit, and hath in beautie highest place,
Apt to conduct and leade a martiall band.
T’is Lady Isabell Mauriq of Padille,
Who Mars doth conquer and with wonder fill.

The Ladies Mary Manuell and Ione
Osorius, are those two, which you doe see,
Whose grace, and beautie, as the like not knowne,
Euen Loue himselfe with loue doth wound and slee.
And this our Goddesse doth not ioy alone,
To see two such with her, but also wee.
Since then no toong their worthinesse may praise,
Reason, and fame to heauen the same shall raise.

And those two sisters of such worthy name,
Either of them a second neuer had.
Their grace, and beautie fils the world with fame:
This day their golden beames doth each one glad:
Me thinkes I see them in their perfect frame,
To which more beautie nature could not adde.
The Lady Bettrice Sarmient is one,
With Castro her faire sister so well knowne.

That cleerest sunne, which heere you see doth shine,
And heere and there her golden beames doth cast,
She, that doth laugh at louers that doe pine
In loue, and at the teares, that they doe wast,
And at Loues powre: whose countenance diuine
Saies more then I, though praising her so fast,
T’is Lady Ione Carate, in whom we see
Surpasing grace and beauties praise to bee.

The Lady Anne Osorius, that braue dame,
And Castro next to her possesse their place,
For peerelesse beautie honoured with fame,
For goodly giftes, for modestie, and grace:
But her hard hap (alas) was much to blame,
So cruelly her glory to deface:
Bicause her fortune equall might not bee
Vnto her wisedome, beautie, and degree.

That matchlesse beautie that’s adorned so
With honestie, and grace so soueraine,
Which was with reason chosen to bestowe
Her honour in the Temple of Diana,
Not conquer’d, but still conqu’ring high and lowe:
Her name (O Nymphes) is Lady Iuliana,


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