Montemayor's Diana

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Those two great Dutchesses of worthy fame,
For beauties prize in either of our Spaines
Which there you see to life se• out in frame,
With grace, and features, that all others staines
Of Sessa and Najare each hath her name:
Whose companie Diana not disdaines
For their exceeding beautie, and desartes,
Discretion, wisedome, and all other partes.

Behold a golden Phoenix all alone:
Arare perfection neuer seene before,
Wisedome, as like was not in any one,
Beautie, and grace, where neuer could be more.
She that puls fortune from her vaunting throne,
And hath her subiect to her will and lore:
Great Lady Leonore Manuell hath to name,
The Lusitane light that doth the world inflame.

The Lady Luise Carillo, that in Spaine
Hath made Mendoças blood of such renowne:
Whose beautie, and braue grace hath in a chaine
Cupid himselfe, for loue of her cast downe:
She’s waiting still vpon our Goddesse traine:
For chastitie worthie to weare a crowne.
Of faire and honest an example heere,
And of them all a mirrour bright and cleere.

Rehold a sweete perfection and a rare,
Of her, whom fame her selfe doth greatly feare:
Behold a passing beautie, sans compare,
Founded in grace and wisedome euery wheare:
That both with reason binde to loue and care.
For in her doth the lest part beautie beare.
Lady Eufrase of Guzman is her name,
Worthy to be eternized with fame.

That matchlesse beautie sweete and peregrine,
Not seene in any, but in her alone,
Which euery wit and soule doth so refine
With holy loue, as like was neuer none:
Apparelled with Crimson, that doth shine
With flowres of gold, and pearle that there are sowne.
The Lady Mary Aragon her name:
The world doth know, and he auen doth knowe the same.

Her doe you knowe to whome Diane her face
Doth turne, and points her to vs with her hand,
Who matcheth her in wisedome and in grace,


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