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middes whereof did sticke out faire orientall pearles. And tying vp her haire with a carnation ribbon of silke and siluer, they did put thereon a caule of glittering golde, in euery corner whereof a precious Ruby was set, with a naturall crisped periwigge of her owne haire, matching the brightest golde in colour, which ador∣ned either side of her cristalline forehead: wherein were put two iewels curiouslie enchased with tablet Diamonds and Saphires of infinite value. The border that bound vp her caule, was of chosen flowers of golde, enameled with sundrie liuely colours, and beset betweene with Emeraulds and Rubies, in the middes whereof, iust betweene the two periwigs, hung downe a rich iewell of sparkeling Diamonds vp∣on her snowe white browe, with three long orientall pearles in forme of acornes, hanging therea. The attyre of her head was in forme of two little ships made of Emeraulds, with all the shrouds and tackling of cleere Saphyres. About her white necke, they put a little chaine of fine golde, made in manner of a wreathed snake, with an enameled Eagle of golde in her mouth, which helde betweene both her tallons a Rubie of infinite price. When the three Nymphes did see her adorned in this sort, they wondred at her excellent beautie, and then brought her into the hall, where the other Nymphes and Shepherds were. And whereas they did till then knowe her for none other then a Shepherdesse, they remained so astonished, that they knewe not what to saie. Felicia commanded her Nymphes after this to carie faire Felismena and her company to see the sumptuous and rich temple, which was presently done, the sage Lady betaking her selfe to her solitarie chamber. Pol∣lydora therfore and Cynthia taking Felismenabetween them, & the other Nymphes the Shepherdes and Shepherdesses, who for their wisedome, and many other good parts were not a little made of, went out into a great court, the arches and pillers whereof were of Iaspar marble, and the bases and chaptres of Allablaster, with many borders and workes cut out after the Romaine manner, gilded in some pla∣ces very curiously, and wrought all ouer with Moysaical worke: the pillers were sup∣ported with Lyons, Ounces and Tygres, so liuely cut of brasse, that they looked as though they would assaile them that came into that place. In the midst of the court was an eight square paterne or Obeliske of shining copper, ten cubits high, vpon the top whereof stoode fierce Mars armed at all points after the ancient manner, whom the Gentils called the God of battailes. In this Obeliske with maruellous art and skill were set foorth the proud squadrons of the Romaines on the one side, and the Carthaginian campe on the other side. Before the one one stoode the no∣ble captaine Hanniball, and before the other, the inuincible and valiant African Scipio, in whom, before he had either age or experience, nature shewed great to∣kens of valour and magnanimitie. On the otherside stoode Marcus Furius Camil∣lus the wise and valiant captaine fighting in the high capitoll, to set his countrey at libertie, from whence he had himselfe beene late banished. There stoode Horatius, Mutius Scaeuola,the happie Consull Marcus Varro, Caesar, Pompey with great Alex∣ander, and all they who by warre had atchieued great enterprises, and woone great same, with scrolles & characters in golde, declaring their names and famous deeds, and in what especiall point euery one of them had shewed himselfe most valiant and couragious. And a little aboue these stoode an inuincible knight armed all ouer, with a naked sworde in his hande, and with manie dead mens heads vnder his feete, with these words ouer his head.


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