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endeuour to giue me any at all; bicause the great reson, that I haue (faire Nymphes) to liue enwrapped in such sadnes as I doe, hath put such a kinde of emnitie be∣tweene me and the consolation of my greefe, that if I thought at any time to en∣ioy it, I would my selfe be the authour of mine owne death: Whereat maruell not faire Nymphes, or that I woulde seeke to preuent me of this remedie, since there is no other, that can greeue me more, then this your sudden sight and comming to this vncouth cote, a place selected out and fit for no other thing, but to bewaile re∣medilesse greefes. Wherefore let it be a warning to those that are attending their torments, to go quickly out of this place, bicause the misfortunes of loue haue stopped vp the waies in such sort, that they neuer let any hope of comfort or reme∣die enter in. But what hap hath ledde such a faire companie to this place, where no∣thing is that yeelds content. What is it (thinke you) that makes the greene grasse of this iland growe, and the waters (that encompasse it rounde about) to encrease, but my ceasles teares? What is it, that moues the trees of this faire valley, but the voice of my piteous outcries, and the violent breath of my sorrowfull sighes, which, filling the aire, do execute that office for it, which for it selfe it cannot do? Why do the pretie birdes sing among these springes, when golden Phoebus is in all his force, but to helpe to lament and bewaile my mishaps? Wherefore is it that the timerous wilde beastes come foorth to the greene meadowe, but to heare my continuall plaints? I pray God your fortune hath not brought you (faire Nymphes) to this place to that end, that mine hath, bicause nature (according to the sorrowfull life, that I doe passe in it) hath for no other thing (it seemes) framed it, but for those that are troubled with the incurable malladies of loue, therein to passe away their sor∣rowfull liues: If any of you therefore be in this extremitie, let her passe on no far∣ther, if not, let her go quickly from hence againe, least by staying heere long, she be forced by the nature and qualitie of the place. The faire Shepherdesse spake these words with so many teares, that there was not any amongst them, that coulde staie theirs. They were all amazed to see the spirit, gesture and countenance wherewith she spake them, for they came (as it appeered) from the verie center of her painfull soule. And she coulde do no lesse then this, because the sorrowfull successe of her loue did take away all manner of suspicion, that that greefe, which so extremely she shewed, was either counterfaite or fained. But faire Doria spake thus vnto her. What is the cause (faire Shepherdesse) that hath driuen thy beautie to these extre∣mities? What greefe so strange coulde loue make an occasion of so manie teares, accompanied with so sole and solitarie a life, as thou dost leade in this place? But what do I aske, when seeing thee to complaine of loue, thou tellest me more then I am able to aske thee. It was thy desire, when we came hether, to be assured that none of vs would offer thee any comfort, wherein I cannot blame thee, since it is the propertie of sorrowfull soules not onely to abhorre comfort, but to flie from them, by whom they thinke by any meanes to receiue it. If I should tell thee (faire Shepherdesse) that I could helpe thy greefe, what doth it auaile, if the same will not giue thee leaue to beleeue me? To tell thee, that in thine owne iudgement and dis∣cretion thou dost help thy selfe, I know thou hast it not so free, that thou canst do it: Of one thing yet (good Shepherdesse) thou maist be assured, that there is no meanes in the whole world to rid thee from this painfull life, which I would not giue then, if it lay in my power. And if this good will deserueth any thing at all, I beseech thee for their sakes (that are heete present) and for mine owne, to tell vs the cause of thy greefe, because there are some in this companie, that haue as great neede of


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