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HOw fond am I to hope for any rest
In endlesse plaints, vaine sighes, and bootelesse teares?
The present now at hand to be exprest,
Yet few to these, that, with ten thousand feares,
I haue powr’d out vnto thy cruell eares.
And if at any time my life did tend
To other loues in earnest or in iest,
This loue by that I neuer could offend,

Bicause I did but then begin to prooue,
And learne, how well Montanus I could loue.

Then did I learne to loue, my selfe I taught
To loue, by him, who lou’d me not againe:
For I suspected that I should be brought
Vnto thy loue (Montanus) when in vaine
I loued him, that did my loue disdaine:
I try’de (I say) my free and carelesse hart
Of loue to taste some sorrow, that it sought:
And let that Shepherd with his loue depart,

That loues with thee, for all his paine and greefe
Is but in vaine, when vaine is his releefe.

Let none accuse me then, if I disdaine
Alanius loues, whose loues are but a showe,
For I could neuer loue nor entertaine
Any but thee, for whom I will bestowe
My deerest life, since heauens will haue it soe.
And if at any time I fein’d to like,
I lik’d (I say) but how I did I knowe,
For neuer any Shepherd els could strike

My hart indeede, but thou, to whom I giue
My faith kept for thee since I first did liue.

Let burning sighes go forth and still increase,
Let both mine eies become two springs of teares,
Let accidents, repugnant to mine ease
Arise, for thoughts, which now my minde for sweares,
Shall neuer hurt that loue which now it beares:
Let sorrow goe, and ill which way they will,
And now let ioies returne which way they please,
For where they are, there will I houer still,

Since that no harme my purpose may reclame,
Nor cruell death it selfe, although it came.

Ismenia by this song had reuenged me of cruell and disloyall Alanius, (if in the loue (at the lest) which I did beare him, any desire of reuenge could befall,) but Mon∣tanus staied not long from requiting Ismeniaagaine, who casting his eie vpon me,
sung this song as followeth.


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