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And flie from loue, but it is euer neere me:
Obliuion onely blamelesse doth beset me,
For that remembreth neuer to forget me.

For euery ill one semblant I doe beare still,
To day not sad, nor yesterday contented,
To looke behinde, or go before I feare still,
All things to passe alike I haue consented:
I am besides my selfe like him that daunceth,
And mooues his feete at euery sound that chaunceth:
And so all like a senselesse foole disdaines me,
But this is nothing to the greefe that paines me.

The night to certaine louers is a trouble,
When in the day some good they are attending:
And other some doe hope to gaine some double
Pleasure by night, and wish the day were ending:
With that, that greeueth some, some others ease them,
And all do follow that, that best doth please them:
But for the day with teares I am a crying,
Which being come, for night I am a dying.

Of Cupid to complaine who euer craue it,
In waues he writes and to the windes he crieth:
Or seeketh helpe of him, that neuer gaue it:
For he at last thy paines and thee defieth.
Come but to him some good aduise to lend thee,
To thousand od conceits he will commend thee.
What thing is then this loue? It is a science,
That sets both proofe and study at defiance.

My Mistresse loued her Syrenus deerely,
And scorned me, whose loues yet I auouched,
Left to my greefe, for good I held it cleerely,
Though narrowly my life and soule it touched:
Had I but had a heauen as he once shining,
Loue would I blame, if it had bene declining.
But loue did take no good from me he sent me,
For how can loue take that he neuer lent me.

Loue’s not a thing, that any may procure it,
Loue’s not a thing, that may be bought for treasure;
Loue’s not a thing, that comes when any lure it,
Loue’s not a thing, that may be found at p•…re:
For if it be not borne with thee, refraine it
To thinke, thou must be borne anew to gaine it:
Then since that loue shuns force, and doth disclame it,
The scorned louer hath no cause to blame it.


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