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To the Illustrous and noble Lord Don
Iuan de Castella de Villa Noua,
Baron of Bicorb and Quesa,
of GEORGE of

ALthough this custome were not very auncient, most noble L. for Authours to dedicate their workes to personages of honour and renowne, by whome they were protected and defended; notwithstanding your rare and high deserts (as well for your noble and ancient house from whence you are descended, as also for the re∣splendant valour and vertue of your person) might with greater reason then I can expresse, incite me to performe more then this obliged dutie. And admit the base stile of the worke, and the Authours small woorth, in reason ought not so far extend as to dedi∣cate it to your Lordship: yet excluded from all other remedies, I presu∣med onely on this, that it was somewhat accounted of. For precious stones are not so highly valued for the name they haue (for they may be false and counterfeite) as for his estimate in whose handes they are: I humbly beseech your good Lordship to entertaine this booke vnder your Hon. ampare and correction, as to the Authour heereof (being but a stranger) you haue done no lesse, since his poore abilitie is not able to serue your Lordship in any other thing: whose wished life and noble estate our Lord increase for many yeeres.

To the same Lord.

Moecenas was to Maro of great fame
A singular good Lord and louing frend,
And Alexander did enioy that same
Rare wit of Homer, death though him did end:
And so the Ʋillanouas generous name
The Lusitan poore Authour doth defend,
Making a base and wanting wit t’aspire
Vnto the clouds, and yet a great deale higher.


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