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Ladiship) whose reprehension and seuere sentence of all others may I more iustly feare, then that which (Honorable Madame) at election you may herein duely giue, or with fauour take away. But as then by your gra∣cious aspect and milde countenance I flattered my selfe with your fauou∣rable applause of the first; So now to preuent the second, I haue no other meanes, then the humble insinuation of it to your most Honorable name & clemencie, most humbly beseeching the same to pardon all those faultes, which to your learned and iudicious view shall occurre. Since then for pledge of the dutifull and zealous desire I haue to serue your Ladiship, the great disproportion of your most noble estate to the qualitie of my poore condition, can affoorde nothing else but this small present,
my praier shall alwaies importune the heauens for the happie
increase of your high and woorthie degree, and
for the full accomplishment of your
most Honorable and ver-
tuous desires.
From High Onger in Essex the
28. of Nouemb.

                                                             Your Honors most
                                                                                      humbly deuoted,



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