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and my very good Lady

the Lady RICH.

RIGHT HONORABLE, such are the apparant defects of arte and iudgement in this new pour∣traied DIANA, that their discouerie must needes make me blush and abase the worke, vnlesse with vndeserued fauour erected vpon the high and shining pillar of your Honorable protection, they may seeme to the beholder lesse, or none at all. The glorie wherof as with reason it can no waies be thought woorthie, but by boldly aduenturing vpon the apparant de∣monstration of your magnificent minde, wherein all noble vertues haue their proper seate, and on that singular desire, knowledge and delight, wherewith your Ladiship entertaineth, embraceth and affecteth honest endeuours, learned languages, and this particular subiect of DIANA, warranted by all vertue and modestie, as COLLIN in his French dedi∣catorie to the Illustrous Prince LEWIS of LORRAINE at large setteth downe and commendeth: so now presenting it to so soueraigne a light, and relying on a gracious acceptance, what can be added more to the full content, desire and perfection of DIANA, and of her vnwoorthie Interpreter (that hath in English attire exposed her to the view of stran∣gers) then for their comfort and defence to be armed with the Hono∣rable titles and countenance of so high and excellent a Patronesse? But as certaine yeares past (my Honorable good Lady) in a publike shewe at the Middle Temple, where your Honorable presence with many noble Lordes and faire Ladies graced and beautified those sportes, it befell to my lot in that woorthie assemblie, vnwoorthily to performe the part of a French Oratour by a deducted speech in the same toong, and that amongst so many good conceits and such generall skill in toongs, all the while I was rehearsing it, there was not any, whose mature iudgement and censure in that language I feared and suspected more then your Ladi∣ships, whose attentiue eare and eie daunted my imagination with the apprehension of my disabilitie, and your Ladiships perfect knowledge in the same: Now once againe in this translation out of Spanish (which language also with the present matter being so well knowen to your


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